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We are one of the reliable manufacturers and exporters of good quality textiles items. We are dealing in all kinds of 100% cotton and poly/cotton fabrics, home textiles, and hotel/hospital textiles and apparel. Our range of production varies from 36″ to 130″ fabrics in grey, bleached, dyed, and printed. We have Sulzer and Airjet looms which produce high-quality fabrics. We have a modern processing unit for bleaching, dyeing, and printing. We also have a state-of-the-art stitching unit where various kinds of bed sets, made-ups, andapparels are being made. To be one of the premier textile companies recognized for leadership in technology, flexibility, responsiveness, and quality. Our customers will share in our success through innovative manufacturing, certifiable quality, exceptional services, and creating alliances. We are structured to cater to various markets. Our workforce will be the most efficient in the industry through continuous skill learning, fostering a culture of learning and teamwork, and ensuring a safe work environment.


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Home Textiles

All kinds of Home Textiles products i.e. Quilt Covers, Flat Sheets, Pillows, Futon Shells, Fitted Bed Sheets, Bolsters, Curtains, Table Covers, Napkins, Table Runners, Table Mat, Terry Towels Products, etc.

Hotel Textiles

Hotel Bed Sheets in white, dyed & printed, Fitted Bed Sheets, Thermal Blankets, Towels, Bathrobes & Terry Products, Garments, Napkins, Table Covers, Catering Linens etc all prepared for long-term washings.

Hospital Textiles

Hospital Bed Sheets, Fitted Bed Sheets, Thermal Blankets, Towels & Terry Products, Garments for Doctors, Patients, Nurses, and Operation Theatre Products.


All kinds of apparel, chef uniforms, patient gowns, doctor gowns, doctor trousers, nurses gowns, etc.


All kinds of 100% cotton and poly/cotton grey, white, dyed, and printed fabrics with regular and special finishes.

Asim Textiles

Sustainable manufacturing of home/hotel/hospital textiles and apparel

Asim Textiles has a great emphasis on sustainability and environmental development. We have many reasons to emphasize sustainability, including reduced cost, and protection of the environment, and by doing so, we sustained goodwill from customers for eco-friendly practices, which follow specific training exclusively designed to train textile industries to maintain a balance between high production and less impact on the environment. Our main purpose is to reduce the harm to the environment created because of production and consumption. We also do practices of reduction of water consumption because water is our scarce resource. As our customers and our environment is our top priority. Sustainability is mostly illustrated through the idea of 3Rs i.e. reducing, reusing, and recycling. Maheen Textile Mills always keeps in mind the economic, social, and healthy environmental trends in the formulation of its policies. Our company promises to make our procedures and practices better as per the demand of environment. Indeed, we are a responsible textile company.

We strive for continued improvement in our services, and product quality and are also enhancing the pace of product innovation by bringing in market-driven commercial product ideas to our valued customers.
We’ve developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which illustrates our program and all of the principles encompassed in this policy cover all areas of our operations.

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Quality Control

With stringent quality control measures in place, A.S Enterprises is proud to have a lab equipped with the latest apparatus that ensures all quality standards are met before delivery to the customer. Standards and tests like Pilling, Rubbing, Crocking, Shrinkage, etc are regularly conducted by highly experienced personnel who are experts in the analysis of newer varieties in dyes and chemicals that are a part of the fabric industry. Certification of our lab and calibration of the equipment is done annually to ensure consistent quality checks.

Asim Textiles

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